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Jewels Kitchens - Designed for you

Why is Design so important?

Firstly, this is an investment in your property and your quality of life!

We have all walked into rooms that just don't feel right, either places you have worked or homes you have been in. It can be the movement, the colour, the light, the shape – it can be hard to put your finger on what the problem is – but something stops you from relaxing, from being creative or simply enjoying the space.

Kitchens are often the hub of a home, they need to welcome those who visit, enable families to connect and to top it all they need to be practical. So often the approach to a new kitchen is based on "what will fit" - well our approach is "how do you want to use the space?"

How we work together!

Creating a new kitchen that works for you requires a collaboration. This could be complete in just a few weeks – it could take months to evolve, what's important is getting it right.

Generally the process involves initial meetings, some ideas captured and a basic design created, this gives us something to work with – it's then down to the quality of the questions and communication on both sides. The desired outcome is a kitchen that is right today – and you wouldn't change anything 3yrs later.

Our approach can be covered in three categories and the correct one for you will become apparent as we discuss the design requirements.

Design Approach

Basically we can work with any combination of kitchen unit types from off the shelf through to bespoke custom units. You can think of kitchen types as being planned and built using any combination of the following:

Quality Range - These units are from a quality manufacturer and we have a choice of sixty doors ranging from traditional to modern to contemporary. We are restricted only by the sizes available but the choice is vast.

Individual Range - At this Semi–Bespoke level the cabinets are made to any size, and doors are chosen from a variety of manufacturers – we can achieve a lot at this level.

Unique Range - Totally Bespoke - The doors at this level are designed, paint colours, woods and veneers chosen. Anything can be made and possibilities are endless.

Our involvement starts as soon as you need us. This varies depending on the complexity of a project but can range from design and supply in just a week to being involved with architects and builders at the start of major building works.